Are you searching for a way to tap into your creative process to explore and get to know yourself in different way? Creative Art Spa provides a way to utilize mediation and art to express yourself and gain insight and awareness. No artistic experience is necessary, just an open mind. All events are 13 yrs old and up!


• Have a mindful experience
• Relax & Unplug
• Reboot & Renew
• Bring out your inner child
• Great for making new friends or reconnecting with old ones
• Great Team Building Activity!


What to Expect

Creative Art Spa is a one of a kind experience for those seeking a creative way to integrate mind, body and spirit. Each Creative Art Spa event focuses on a specific topic, a short guided mediation to inspire and an art medium that best fits the theme. In a relaxed, supportive environment you will be supplied with a lead meditation, inspiration, and simple art technique instruction. We will provide light refreshments in a relaxation room infused with essential oils and a guest masseuse* to give you a bit of pampering. Everything needed for relaxing hands-on creative expression while mingling with other guests and making new friends. Discover the surprising renewal that comes from participating in the playful creative process! No artistic or meditation experience is necessary, just an open mind!

*Massage: Mel Jeffs will be offering complimentary 5-7 minute mini massages! Your choice of hands, shoulders, Vita-Flex for the feet, or if your not touchy but feely you can try a sampling of the Aroma Freedom technique for emotional clearing.

Our Mission

To demonstrate the ability of art to serve as artsy self care and relaxation from our busy day to day lives. We hope to create a bridge between an individuals external and internal experiences, between one person and another, among groups of people and between individuals and their cultural contexts.

My Why

Hi I’m Elie, founder of Creative Art Spa. When I need some me time to relax I’ill make a cup of tea and break out my art materials. Always with my essential oils on and/or diffusing, candles lit with some relaxing tunes playing. I close my eyes for a moment and let it all go. For a couple hours I try and just meditate and create, not focusing on all of the day to day stuff and the dreaded to-do list so I can recenter and return to it all rebooted and renewed. Creative Art Spa is just that! A one of a kind personalized experience for those seeking a creative way to integrate mind, body and spirit.